Applying for Funding

for Adult Learning Programs and International Qualification Recognition Programs

To apply to one of the Adult Education Programs listed below

go to the LaMPSS login page (click here)

To login organizations must first be registered with LaMPSS, to do so please contact LaMPSS Support by email or by phone, Toll Free: 1-877-404-7074, Metro: 902-424-1075.



Adult Learning Programs

The Adult Education Division provides tuition-free adult learning programming, ranging from basic literacy to high school completion for adults, in English and French across the province.

Activities with available funding include:

  1. Community Learning Organizations
  2. Family Literacy
  3. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) High School Completion
  4. School Board High School Completion
  5. Université Sainte-Anne High School Completion

Program Guidelines:

Application guidelines have been developed to assist organizations when applying for funding. They include:

for Adult Learning:

Program Attachments and Documents:

Funding applications and approved funding require to submit additional documents when applying or throughout the year. These documents can be found below:

To assist organizations with determining the salary of their employees, sample job descriptions for the positions of Tutor Coordinator, Instructor and Organization Administrator are provided.  In addition, organizations may also want to take into consideration the following variables when determining salaries:

  • scope of duties performed by staff
  • qualifications
  • years of experience working in related field (e.g. adult education, volunteer work and related Adult Learning Program subject areas)
  • time the person has worked for the organization

Organizations who wish to offer a salary range to its employees will have to develop a salary criterion upon which a specific salary is based.










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