High School Diploma for Adults



What is the Nova Scotia High School Diploma for Adults?
The Nova Scotia High School Diploma for Adults is a diploma issued by the Department of Labour & Advanced Education

It recognizes the recipient as having completed a high school or secondary education.

Am I eligible to apply for this diploma?

  • Are 19 years of age or older.
  • Have been out of public school for one full year or more.
  • Do not already have a Department of Education recognized high school graduation diploma.

How can the diploma help me?
The Nova Scotia High School Diploma for Adults will help you to:

  • improve your employability,
  • gain entrance into post-secondary programs in colleges and universities,
  • learn new skills and improve existing abilities.

Where is the diploma offered?
The diploma may be offered through:

How many credits do I need to earn my diploma?
To earn your diploma, you will need to successfully complete 12 credits from any one or a combination of the following choices:

Grades 11 & 12 Public School Program credits offered by regional school boards.
Adult Learning Program Level 4 credits offered by the NSCC.
Correspondence Study Program credits offered through the Department of Education.

What credits do I need to earn my diploma?
You will need 6 compulsory and 6 elective credits.

The 6 compulsory credits are:
Note: Five of the 12 credits must be at Grade 12 level.

Subject Grade Level Credits Needed
 English/French Language Arts or Communications 11 1
 English/French Language Arts or Communications 12 1
Mathematics 11 or 12 1
Biology or Chemistry or Physics, Human Bio 11, Geology 12, Oceans 11, Food Science 12, Agriculture/Agri-food 11 11 or 12 1
Technology or Mathematics or Science or Social Studies 11 or 12 1
Global History  or Global Geography 12 1

The 6 elective credits are:
Any courses in any subject area that may assist in meeting personal or professional goals.

You may be granted equivalency credits from prior educational courses in vocational, training and post-secondary programs.

How do I decide which credits best meet my needs?
You can discuss your credit requirements and choices through your regional Adult High School or Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Adult Learning Program Coordinator.

The credits you select will depend on your educational and career goals.

Is there a cost to earn my diploma?
If you do not have a recognized high school graduation diploma, you will pay no tuition to earn your diploma (this includes correspondence studies as well). However, there may be registration fees and book costs. Those students who have a high school diploma and wish to upgrade previous credits will be charged fees.


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